The Rare US Luxury Cartier Crash Fake Watches Sold At Auction For 861 Thousand Euros

A very rare 1991 replica Cartier Crash Watches wholesale online from Cartier London, with JC mark made in platinum, was auctioned in Florence for 861,500 euros. A final with a bang for the session held at the Pandolfini auction house: the precious best US fake watches was in fact proposed as the last batch of the catalog sold on the afternoon of 2 December.

The figure, which far exceeds even the models presented at auction on the most important world high quality Cartier copy watches making market, the Geneva one, was reached after a long competition between collectors connected by telephone from every continent.

Iconic in its completely unique aesthetics for the peculiar and fascinating asymmetrical case, which inevitably contributed to marking the history and production of Cartier London, the cheap Swiss Cartier Crash replica watches is famous and unique also for the few examples produced, which make one of the most coveted and sought after AAA perfect super clone watches by the greatest collectors, as well as the cult object widely sported by the American jet set.

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