What Does Your 1:1 US Fake Watches Say About You?

When faced with the task of selecting her first investment watch, Brynn Wallner went with AAA US Cartier replica watches—“I’m a Cartier girl”—more specifically a steel Tank Française. In comparison with the legacy brand’s it-girl Panthère is “a little bit more low-key,” she says. The steel facade is almost industrial in appearance, while the daintier size retains the aspect of femininity. Steel in lieu of gold keeps the style down to earth. “So, maybe I’m just like the low-key chill girl,” Wallner posits.

Through her platform Dimepiece (an innuendo on the word “timepiece”), Wallner connects the who with the what in the watch sphere. The website and corresponding Instagram account offer readers digestible information on high quality fake Cartier watches with segments like her First Dimers column where the “girls, gays, and theys” can tell the story of their first watch investment. Beyond the financial aspect, this is a place where people go to figure out what they want aesthetically.

“If you’re not connecting these very expensive pieces of metal to the actual people wearing them, for most people who don’t have the money or didn’t grow up with a parent as a collector,” explains Wallner, “[watches] remain in the abstract world where you can’t even begin to identify what you like about them.” The @dimepiece.co Instagram ID’s the cheap Cartier copy watches worn by your favorite celebrities and tastemakers. Megan Thee Stallion in concert with a personalized, crystallized Audemars Piguet. Oscar Isaac’s lust-worthy Scenes from a Marriage costumes, which include a vintage Rolex Datejust. Even a Betty White portrait featuring the aforementioned it-girl Panthère.

Replica Cartier Tank Française Watches

“To me, the best replica Cartier Tank Francaise watches is a little bit more under the radar. The one that I picked is the smallest version in all steel. It kind of has a little industrial-looking edge to it, but it’s smaller and it’s versatile. I just feel comfortable with it because it’s not gold top fake Cartier watches, and it’s not the it-girl watch. It’s a little bit more low-key. So, maybe I’m just like the low-key chill girl.”

Replica Panthère de Cartier Watches

“I call the Swiss movements super clone Cartier Panthère the ‘it-girl watch.’ Bella Hadid, Zendaya, and all the it-girls are wearing it. It feels so feminine. It has that gold, kind of slinky bracelet that almost looks like another bracelet if stacked with other jewelry, but it’s replica Cartier watches for sale. What I find interesting about the Panthère is that the first people who wore it were actually men. You had guys like Pierce Brosnan and Keith Richards wearing it in like the ’80s. To me, that’s so cool. I really want to see more men wearing the Panthère now, like I would die to see Harry Styles wear it, styled with his Gucci to the nines with his vintage Swiss wholesale Cartier Panthère fake watches. I just think that would be such a look.”

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