2000s Perfect Replica Cartier Tank Americaine Ref. 1720 In 18k Yellow Gold

Here is where I’ll start to tread into the waters of unexpected picks. If you know anything about me, you might assume that the ex-Vintage Expert/Buyer would shun even the idea of a quartz movement in any pie-in-the-sky collection. You would be wrong.

This ref. 1720 Cartier Tank Americaine replica for sale is one I have been looking to pick up for a reasonable price for a few months now. And while I may be blowing up my eBay saved searches spot, the people need to know. This is the perfect “vintage” AAA quality fake Cartier look for $6K. As an obscure, “ladies” size from the late 1990s and early 2000s, there really aren’t a bunch floating around for sale at any one time but if you can find one in good shape, grab it.

It has nearly the exact same dimensions as a 1960s luxury replica Cartier Cintrée – in particular the width – and has that perfect slightly undersized look on a standard male wrist. Swiss movement copy Cartier movements were really never anything to hang your hat on, I find this quartz caliber passable as the Maison is more about super clone wristwatch design than horological intrigue. Cost: $6,000. Remaining: $57,500

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