These new 1:1 fake Cartier Santos releases remind us why it’s still our favourite ‘It Boy’ watch

“I’ve been calling the perfect replica Cartier Santos the ‘It boy watch’ for the past two years, simply because so many guys in my social circle have recently gotten one,” Dimepiece’s Brynn Wallner tells me across the Atlantic as we chew the fat over luxury fake Cartier’s latest novelties being unveiled during a cheeky pre-Watches and Wonders preview. “It’s certainly a unisex watch but it makes sense why men would specifically gravitate toward the cheap replica Cartier Santos because it was the first ever wristwatch created. Even in its more fluid and proportionate vintage iterations, it’s a decidedly more traditionally masculine watch than some of the other aaa quality copy Cartier offerings, i.e. the bracelet-like Panthère or even the Tank, which can feel dainty in spite of its name,” adds Wallner.

“The Santos has that masculine feel immediately,” Pierre Rainero, Swiss made replica Cartier’s style and heritage director, tells me. “If we go to the first period of its creation, it’s one of the few models that was in majority, sold to men, whereas, say, the Tank at the beginning was equally sent to men and women. There was not an idea of constraining men to wear specific copy watches or women to wear other specific models, so we can only guess that that type of shape conveyed a more masculine flair or something like that. Probably, it’s linked to the very open case or dial, and the square shape.”

When it comes to the Swiss movement fake Cartier Santos, we’re talking visible hardware, a sturdy steel or precious metal bracelet and the squarest of chunky square dials. It’s a watch the likes of Micheal Ward, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Cruise and Jake Gyllenhaal have been known to wear, because it matches their built physiques while still providing something sexy that draws the right kind of attention to their wrists. One look at the latest 2024 references will have the IT boys giddy with excitement..

A brand new high quality fake Santos de Cartier Dual Time is the stand out talking point – an all steel, grey-dialled affair that tells the time twice at the same time, like never before. A quick history refresher reminds you that the Cartier Santos super clone online was named after a handsome fella called Alberto Santos-Dumont. Described as ‘a free-spirited pioneer’, in 1904 he was the first person to fly a plane of sorts while wearing a pilot’s watch.

“I like the idea that the model is desirable just for the sake of its design and its quality. And that the history just comes on top,” says Rainero about this new Dual Time. It is a sleeker way of being on two time zones than your average GMT, with the counter at 6 o’clock elegantly showing a second, adjustable time depending on where you’re heading, or simply where you wish to keep track of the time. Shout out to the seven-sided chunky steel crown, which couldn’t be more masculine if it tried.

Rainero doesn’t disagree, though he distinctly remembers the brand making small Santos models back in the mid ’80s when he first started out at high quality replica Cartier. “They were sold to men like a statement of strong masculinity,” he says, as if to pre-empt today’s current trend of some men preferring to wear tiny watches, “but this was probably only possible because it was a Santos model.”

AAA quality fake Cartier is unveiling a trio of killer new Santos de Cartier pieces, one yellow gold/steel two-tone number with a slightly lighter grey dial (‘satin-finished anthracite grey sunray-brushed’ to be more specific) and two brown dialled pieces too – one large (39.8mm x 47.5mm) with a date window at 6 o’clock, the other a smaller (35.1mm x 41.9mm) no fuss one for the those who prefer the slighter size. Design-wise, if this means confessing to thinking about the Roman Empire, so be it – because the way the Roman numerals hug the inside of any Santos’ case is unique.

All in all, 2024 is set to be a great year to be a top quality replica Cartier Santos fan. “On a regular basis, we present so many novelties but sometimes it hides the others so I’m glad you recognised what we did for Santos [this year],” says Rainero. “It shows the richness of the possibilities for this watch – it can be very functional as long as it is elegant.”

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