The Perfect Swiss Cartier “Cheich” Fake Watches For US Could Be Sold For 8 Million Pesos

The best US Cartier Cheich replica watches has a unique history and, in fact, much more than a watch, it is a trophy: In 1979 the Paris-Dakar Rally began, one of the largest endurance races in the world, and in those early days Cartier collaborated with the event by creating a watch that would go to the person who won two consecutive Paris-Dakar races – something that was thought impossible – until Gaston Rahier, the motorcycle racer achieved the feat by winning in 1984 and 1985, being the first and only winner of that luxury Cartier fake watches, which would be the only one of its kind in the whole world.

Nearly 40 years after Rahier’s feat, this AAA wholesale replica Cartier watches we talked about earlier will go up for auction for the first time at Sotheby’s Paris Fine Watches High-End Watch Auction, which kicks off on September 16 online (where people can set their figure from their homes – a method used by the house since the pandemic) and will end on September 30. According to some estimates, the high quality Cartier copy watches could generate between 200,000 and 400,000 dollars, which would be about 8 million Mexican pesos, a rather unusual figure but not surprising for this watch.

History and clock

In 1983, the then CEO of Cartier Alain Dominique Perrin spoke with the founder of the Dakar Rally Thierry Sabine presenting the idea of a special challenge that would be known as the Cartier Challenge, where unique cheap Cartier replica watches would be awarded to the driver who achieved a feat that seemed impossible. , or at least unlikely. When Gaston Rahier gave himself this piece, which is really special.

We know that Swiss movements Cartier super clone watches is acclaimed for its classic designs and this piece doesn’t stray too far from the house base with a rectangular dial with an elegant roman numeral design. However, what stands out immediately is the gold in a kind of fold that resembles a type of garment, which is seen to fall in a sophisticated design that does not even connect with the strap but instead passes behind the watch.

The replica Cartier watches shop site was delivered in a special box to Rahier, inscribed with “Trophee Paris Alger Dakar” in gold, and is one of three of its kind created for the event. Another was a design made for a potential female winner, while a third was created in 1985 for whoever could replicate Rahier’s feat. However, in 1986 Thierry Sabine died in a helicopter crash and Cartier’s collaboration with the event ended, however these fake Cartier watches for sale are part of the house’s historical collection and will never be put up for sale. This makes the piece something truly unique in the world, so it could even exceed the estimated price that we mentioned.

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