Technical Interpretation Of The US AAA Perfect Cartier Masse Mystérieuse Fake Watches’ “Winding Rotor” This Year

Although Cartier comes from a jewelry family, its watchmaking strength is the most powerful among all jewelry brands. Cartier spent eight years to develop the best replica Cartier Masse Mystérieuse watches. This watch, named “Mystery”, has 435 parts (the 9700C, a craftsman in the loft of the King of Jiangshi Danton Watch, is also composed of 839 parts, which has 16 complex functions, including three questions, perpetual calendar, tourbillon, sky chart, month age, date, season and constellation), and is participated by 10 Cartier engineers and watchmakers. After eight years of research and development, the cheap US fake Cartier watches has enjoyed a brand new technical patent. Where is the mystery?

You should know that Cartier has released almost all watches with complex functions before, such as tourbillon, perpetual calendar, chronograph, universal time, three questions, great complexity, etc., and the movement inside this high quality Cartier replica watches, Cartier official pointed out that this watch is the most complex mechanical movement developed by Cartier watchmaking workshop! Well, this watch doesn’t have the functions of “three questions”, “tourbillon” and “needle chasing”. In fact, this top Cartier copy watches only has the function of “three needles” for hours, minutes and seconds, and even has no calendar function. Then why can it be Cartier’s most complicated trick? Let’s see.

We all know that the movements of automatic mechanical watches are equipped with automatic swinging devices, and this automatic swinging device of wholesale replica Cartier Masse Mystérieuse watches is the whole movement. Its entire center gear train, swing wheel, spring, center splint and escapement mechanism are all placed in the automatic swinging device of normal size. The automatic swinging device that we see in front of us provides power for the watch is the complete movement of this watch.

The watchmaking industry has a long history of studying the automatic winding mechanism of automatic mechanical 1:1 Cartier fake watches, including adding weight to the hollow edge in the middle of the pendulum, using the difference in material density to achieve the winding efficiency of the automatic pendulum, and even more, using the circular pendulum, which hides the parts of the pendulum at the edge of the machine center, making the automatic mechanical watch similar to the manual mechanical watch while meeting the automatic winding requirements, The whole mechanical structure can be appreciated without being obstructed.

The movement and the tourbillon are one. For the first time, the entire movement of the online replica Cartier Masse Mystérieuse wristwatches broke the routine and was placed in the pendulum, floating in the air like weightlessness, and rotating in two directions at a completely irregular speed to provide power storage for the movement of the movement chain. The Pendulum Buddha maneuver is integrated and artistically hollowed out. The internal mechanical structure is clear at a glance. This kind of smart design is another breakthrough in the clock design that has remained unchanged for many years in the watchmaking industry.

We can’t see the obvious connection and mechanical relationship between the transmission system and the pointer system of this watch. This China Cartier super clone watches obviously adopts Cartier’s leading technology: “mysterious” pointer, which originated from Cartier Masse Mystérieuse introduced in 1912. Cartier’s first mysterious clock “Mod è le A” was produced in 1913 and sold to American billionaire J.P. Morgan. Later, Cartier adopted this “mysterious” design on watches and introduced it at the Geneva Watch Show in 2013. The watch was named Cartier “Rotonde” watch. Later, Cartier successively introduced the double mysterious tourbillon, the three question double mysterious tourbillon, the celestial body running mysterious tourbillon, and the mysterious day and night pointer watches.

Also, this watch does not seem to be very complicated, but as a mass production and market watch, it needs to face six problems.

1. Compared with traditional watches, this automatic tourbillon weight is much more

Because all the structures in this machine are attached to the automatic tourbillon, the automatic tourbillon is very “heavy”! If the customer encounters a collision during the wearing process, it is likely to cause damage to the transmission system and automatic torque converter. Therefore, 2022 Cartier replica watches has specially designed a shock absorber to ensure the stable operation of the mechanism when encountering an impact.

2. Gear train with six times of normal movement

In order to match the precise size of the innovative mechanism, the traditional gear system used in this mechanism is 6 times more than that of the traditional mechanical mechanism.

3. Acoustics and vibration Of Movements

The bearing of the luxury fake Cartier Masse Mystérieuse watches center (the pendulum usually needs to rotate around a thin bearing) has a large size, strong vibration and loud noise during operation. In order to pursue perfection, Cartier has designed sound insulation bearings.

4. Ingenious differential gear system

Important to the watch is its ingenious differential gear system, which serves as the primary connection to the hour and minute hands, which is essential for the seemingly magical display. The swing of the center of the machine is easy to affect the precise movement of the minute hand. To this end, Cartier replica watches for men has developed a registered patent differential, so that the heart of the spring box release speed and pendulum rotation drive speed do not interfere with each other.

5. Resonance frequency

In order to ensure that the natural oscillation frequency of the balance wheel does not drive the pendulon resonance, the optimal weight of the center is calculated. Hollow design just to achieve the machine heart (Tuo) to achieve the perfect counterweight. This is very much in line with Cartier always uphold the principle of a fine balance between technology and design.

Best quality fake Cartier Masse Mystérieuse watches is equipped with Calibre 9801 MC machine center, with the previous mysterious pointer watch also uses sapphire crystal disc as a central fixed gear support structure, the center can rotate around the point freely (magic in the smoke screen), and use their own weight slowly on the main spring chain. Hidden gears on the dial and the edges of the case engage sapphire crystal discs to drive the hour and minute hands. So it’s not really hanging, but using transparent sapphire crystal glass as a fixed support.

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