Two Best Quality Cartier Replica Watches Online

Fake Cartier Santos Dumont
Movement: Automatic, hand-wound, quartz
Diameter: 33.9mm, 31.4mm, 27.5mm
Materials: Stainless steel
Price: $3,900-$22,300
Whereas the luxury replica Cartier Santos has a somewhat more aggressive, modern vibe, the Santos Dumont reflects early models more closely. With a relatively simplified design and lacking the standard perfect fake Cartier Santos’s crown guards, the Dumont offers a more elegant and dressy feel.

Replica Cartier Tank Must
Movement: Cartier 1847 MC automatic, quartz
Diameter: 22mm, 25.5mm, 31mm
Materials: Stainless steel
Price: $2,920-$6,850
After the Louis Cartier Tank, the Must is about as close to the best 1:1 replica Cartier Tank‘s most iconic form as you’ll get. It’s also Cartier’s “entry-level” Tank and nearly the brand’s entry-level watch, offered in steel and at comparatively affordable prices. Like many aaa quality fake Cartier models, the Tank Must is available in quartz versions as well as with the brand’s own workhorse in-house movement.

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