Best Quality Cartier Crash Replica Watches For Sale

2017 to Present
In 2017, perfect replica Cartier introduced the Crash Radieuse as part of the Cartier Libre collection. What sets the Radieuse apart was how it played up the Swiss fake Cartier Crash’s apocryphal tumultuous origins. In place of distorted numerals, the dial was adorned with black lacquer, forming the striking motif of shockwaves, harmoniously complemented by a grooved case that echoed this design. It was produced in pink gold and was limited to just 50 pieces. The Radieuse made its first appearance at auction in 2019, commanding a price of US$44,720 at Phillips. Within a brief two-year interval, its value surged, reaching a staggering US$104,648 when it was sold at Christie’s in 2021. Due to Swiss movement replica Cartier‘s distinctive case and dial, the absence of diamonds and its large dimensions of 42mm by 23.3mm despite being a part of a jewellery watch collection, it has strong mass appeal and still holds robust potential.

That year also saw the introduction of two limited edition platinum Skeleton replica watches – one adorned with blue sapphires and the other, with diamonds and rubies. In the following year, a full ruby version joined the line-up.

In 2019, to mark the re-opening of the New Bond Street boutique in London, cheap replica Cartier reissued a yellow gold Crash as well as a white gold diamond-set version, both in slightly larger dimensions than the original London Crash and identical to that of the aaa quality fake Cartier Crash Skeleton, measuring 45.32mm by 28.15mm. The yellow gold Crash is limited to one piece a month while the diamond-set Cartier Crash replica for sale is limited to 15 pieces. They were followed by a limited production platinum version this year, all of which are exclusive to the New Bond Street boutique.

Two yellow gold specimens have surfaced at auction so far, initially selling for US$96,767 at Phillips Hong Kong in 2020 before more than doubling a year later to US$199,132 at Phillips Geneva. Prigigallo says, “Despite being a newer model, the New Bond Street Cartier Crash fake online shows strong performance and potential for growth, making it a promising market opportunity.”

In 2019, cheap super clone Cartier introduced a trio of platinum Skeleton models set with coloured gemstones – yellow diamonds, pink sapphires and a third variant with a combination of diamonds and emeralds.

Last year, Swiss movement replica Cartier unveiled the Crash Tigrée, the most extravagant and captivating version of the Crash. Limited to 50 pieces, this version melds the art of gem-setting and enamelling to produce an abstract, Rorschach-esque visual effect that evokes a variety of interpretations such as a tiger, a crocodile, a meandering river, or a psychedelic tribute to the Swinging Sixties, depending on one’s perspective. The Tigrée made its auction debut recently in October, fetching US$210,813 at Sotheby’s.

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